1. Can I trust YetiGP?

>Yes, we have been trading on forums for a long time and have built up a reputation to make sure your sales are in good hands.

2. How fast do we deliver?

>Once your payment has been accepted and fully received you will be helped in the livechat.

3. Where are you guys based?

>We are based in the EU, other payment methods will be available soon.

4. How do I sell to YetiGP

>Just open up the livechat and prices can be discussed there.

5. Can I get feedback/vouches on other websites after purchasing/selling gold?

>We are more then happy to leave feedback on forums/websites that we ourselves advertise on.

6. is there a fee when paying?

>The only fee that is added is your crypto transfer fee, no extra hidden fees.

7. I didn’t find an answer to my questions?

>Open up the livechat, our livechat agent will be happy to help with any further questions.